What Others Say

Rev. Parisa Parsa, UU minister:

“Susanne brings a deep passion for church life in all that it can do to change the world, an excellent strategic mind, a great sense of humor and a true gift with words and presence to her ministry. Her preaching and worship leadership are uplifting and challenging in the right measure. Any congregation that wants to move forward with its vision for engaged spiritual life would do well to call her.”

Rev. John Gibbons, UU minister:

“Susanne is a top-notch UU minister: a passionate pastor, preacher, persuader, and protester.  She’s people-senstive and tech savvy.  She listens well, is non-anxious, and at ease with complexity.  She’s brims with integrity, humility, and warmth.  I value her as a friend and colleague.  She well may be the minister you’re looking for!”

Deb Weiner, Interim Director of Religious Education:

“Susanne has been a valued colleague and partner in carrying forward the faith development mission of Follen Church.  Her knowledge of, and dedication, to lifelong learning and faith development means that she’s always focused on the many ways in which ‘religious education is what we do and who we are,’ wholistically, at church.  She is a team player and affirming of the gifts of all members of our ministry team, with real skill directed toward lifting up the role that professional and lay leaders play in making the church come alive with energy and enthusiasm.”

Praise from church members:

“What a beautiful service this morning. The anthem was gorgeous; the prayer was inspiring; and your sermon was just wonderful. It had humor, insight, entreaty, and great stories. I enjoyed it very much. Thank you so much for all the good work that you do —we are truly blessed to have you among us.”

“Hope you don’t mind a short note to again state how much I enjoyed the service this morning.  As a photographer, you might guess that I am very attentive to watching people’s faces and expressions.  I saw that your many glances to members of the congregation were very warm and sincere. Almost like a touch on the shoulder to make a personal comment.  The manner in which you conducted the service felt as if you were speaking only to me.  I was very moved. And your sermon was wonderful, informative and topical.  . . . Your message was precisely what we all need to hear.”

“I was looking for you at Coffee Hour to tell you what a great sermon you gave today.  Wow.  Funny and thought-provoking, and a call to action to boot.  I was moved by your description of the story arcs, that we are beloved and whole first … and then, bam, experience the Wilderness.  So true, and worth remembering.   I even had occasion to use the line, “There’s a wolf inside me” later in the day. 🙂 ”

For further references, please contact Rev. Susanne